Glasfacade på Copenhagen Towers

Who are we?

Sjælsø Management is a property development company that has been driven by business acumen, professional pride, and transparency since its establishment in 2013.

When working with us, you will notice our natural desire to achieve good results, as this is simply what we live by.

Lys og rummelig boligindretning af stueplan i rækkehus i Talrækkerne
Gårdmiljø med plads til afslapning og leg

People at the centre

At Sjælsø Management, we put people at the centre of everything we do. We create homes for people. Homes for people to live and dream in. Homes to hold past memories, present lives, and future possibilities.

We also put people at the centre of the office buildings we create. It is important that the office spaces have room for ambitions and drive, and they must create the right foundation for doing business. We develop and design workplaces where room for differences go hand in hand with a good working environment. Because in Sjælsø Management we know that the wellbeing of each individual is an important cornerstone for collective success.

Lynghaven, Nærheden

A business partner who takes a stance

Orderliness, openness, and respect are the building blocks of the company. The advice we offer our clients, business partners and suppliers are rooted in our care for the environment, and we encourage sustainable choices throughout the entire process. As a company operating in the real estate industry, we are conscious of the difference we can make, but we also know that we cannot do everything. We take a stance in regard to how we believe building projects should be developed and constructed, but it is rarely that simple – and we are more than aware of that

It is our ambition to have all our projects DGNB certified - and we stand by that. This ambition places demands on us, and it is a responsibility and task we are happy to take on.