Vi udvikler og opfører skønne boliger


A residence is much more than just a residence, it is a home

A home is where you live and gather friends and family. It is a solid foundation for your day-to-day life, and it is where you belong.

That is why building your next home is an important job for us. Because we are creating safe physical surroundings for your day-to-day life. Surroundings that make room for your dreams and a smooth everyday life.

Our many years of experience from the real estate industry has given us expertise in identifying needs, spotting trends and not least developing and creating homes that are attractive to live in. This is your guarantee that you get the best physical surroundings – a home.

A home is not a real home without the right surroundings. That is why it is also an important part of our job to create urban spaces and green areas that suit you – now and in the future. So you have the space to breathe and live with your nearest and dearest.

We develop an construct beautifull homes and urban areas

158 homes with a very low climate footprint/focus on sustainability are being developed and constructed for Home.Earth.
284 beautiful new homes are being developed and built in collaboration with the developer Balder Danmark.
The 'Punkthusene' with 76 luxury apartments are being developed and built close to Roskilde Fjord for the developer TAG Ejendomme.
48 new beautiful homes are being developed and built in collaboration with the developer Balder Danmark.
418 youth housing, 214 rental housing and a parking garage are being developed and built in Sydhavnen for Dansk Metal.
300 bright and attractive rental homes are developed and built in collaboration with Balder Danmark.
35,000 sqm of office, dormitories and family homes are being built for a 50/50 joint venture between NREP and Balder.
26 beautiful terraced houses are being constructed in collaboration with FB Gruppen.