Bovieran seniorbofællesskab


At Sjælsø Management, you get a business partner who take a stance

A stance on our work and not least the environment that surrounds us. We take responsibility for you, the society, and future generations.

A good advisor is also a responsible advisor

We are conscious of the difference we can make in developing and building properties with focos on sustainability in proces and materials, and that is why we have a strong focus on guiding our business partners, so they choose materials and processes with care for the environment.

As an important part of our sustainability strategy, we strive to obtain DGNB certifications for all the projects we are involved with. DGNB is one of the world’s leading systems for certifying the sustainability of buildings and urban areas, which are evaluated from a sociocultural, financial, and environmental perspective. The system also evaluates the location, as well as the technical and procedural quality of projects, which means that DGNB considers everything from choice of materials to architectural design and user influence.

Sjælsø Management is created on a foundation of orderliness and openness

That is why we have responsibility running through our veins. The books are open at Sjælsø Management, and we take great pride in making sure that we follow all rules and regulations. The same goes for our business partners. We expect them to be reliable and compliant with the current agreements in force. Among other things, we do not accept social dumping. Transparency comes with trust and credibility, which are important characteristics for us as advisors and developers.

We take our work on the sustainability strategy very seriously.

We are also very conscious that investors, business partners and suppliers are not necessarily on the same page as us.

At Sjælsø Management we already do a lot to look after the environment

But there is no doubt that we can do even more – is that not always the case?